energy-saving coating

  • High-temperature far-infrared radiation energy-saving coating is a high temperature, strong emissivity, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance of the special features of energy-saving coatings, pure inorganic wood plastic exterior wall application Villa materials from processing, technology and technology content of the world's leading.

    Paint the work of energy-saving principle is through the coating coating high temperature infrared absorption heat and radiant heat, improve the furnace heat exchange, improve the furnace patio flooring on the cheap temperature field strength and uniformity

    so that fuel combustion more fully, to increase the thermal efficiency, reduce the exhaust temperature, greatly improved Refractory thermal efficiency, reduce anti slip walkways floor energy consumption, save energy and extend furnace life. High temperature far infrared radiation coating Excellent thermal shock resistance, the coating does not crack, do not fall off, high temperature oxidation corrosion resistance, high wear resistance. Efficient radiation Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust energy-saving paint in the furnace on the success of energy-saving emission reduction double harvest, enough to wait for the energy-saving championship podium.