plywood product

  • Among them, plywood product is main income source, occupy gross income to exceed 70% . As we have learned, plywood is used at the adornment inside furniture production and building to reach commonly decorate. Although company plywood history is shorter, but 2014, company plywood brand "mahogany nails deck railing Bailema " accredit is evaluated on the network that develops via net of Chinese timber industry name of 10 beautiful brand.

    To plywood product, company from affirm purchase order to be cost commonly to consign 15 to 30 days, and product of qualitative to ligneous biology grain, wood plastic pools fence sale because press standard norms production, have production before affirming order normally, everyday produce can be 384 tons about, the grain of ligneous raw material that has made, can maintain the levels of 7 goods in stock that reach 14 days commonly.

    The rapid growth of industry of profit from plywood and industry of grain of ligneous raw material, dasenji's round outspread road foreground is bright. 2015 decking material reviews According to Ipsos report, the crop of plywood industry will maintain fast and steady growth, increase the 165.5 1 million stere 2015 by the 71.4 1 million stere 2010, year compound increase 6 square metres of decking cost rate 18.3% .