related parties The related parties involved

  • The Company held the seventh meeting of the third board of directors of the Company to consider and vote on the proposal of the related transaction. At the time of voting, the four related directors of the Company, Chen Xingkang, Chen Jianhua, Yan Guifang and Cheng Ruidong, Passed the bill. Five independent directors expressed independent opinions and agreed to the related party transactions.

    Pursuant to the Rules for the Listing of Stocks of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the conditions stipulated in Article 10.2.5 of the Rules of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are not required to be submitted to the Shareholders' General Meeting for consideration. The above-mentioned related transactions are not subject to the approval of the relevant departments.

    II. RELATED PARTY INDICATORS (1) Relationship between the Company and its related parties The related parties involved in the related transactions are Da Asia Technology Group Co., Ltd. The Company is the largest shareholder of the Company and holds 24,436.72 million shares of the Company, representing 52.84% of the total share capital of the Company.

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