information is fortune

  • "In the Internet times that information is fortune namely today, the product is only good quality, can't satisfy the requirement of the user, we should be made with brand-new thinking ' whole trench informatization ' system. " raise child floor sale center is standing waterproof wood substitute total deputy Mr Wang Wei thinks, of system of whole trench informatization go up line, to raise child strategy of floor sale innovation has important sense, it is raise child floor head office from " output floor product is mixed to output floor product system of sale, after service " the brand is outspread.

    Yu Haiyang of general manager of Heilongjiang sale center with respect to raise child direction of development of floor future strategy undertook special subject makes a speech, he elaborated raise in the round child the systematic concept of the floor and the development state of how to build concrete retaining wall fence affairs that are in Heilongjiang area, guide agency to popularize good dominant position to be tasted newly, system of applied good innovation, extend the market ceaselessly, realize new development in the round.

    Tasted be linked together of sale policy announce, newly 2017 2017 appear on the market introduction of the introduction, informatization of sale whole trench demonstrates, taste newly appear on the market store of plan of executive be born, prototype looks around and product wooden balcony designs pictures sampling, custom-built aided 2017 sell a program... arrangement of agency annual meeting is compact and by a definite date is rich, achieve satisfactorily below the effort of crew expect an end, manufacturer concern is harmonious and close together.