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  • to planting different locations, different sunlight, different temperature and humidity, the wood color is different. In addition, the same wood saw down the plate, due to the sawingThe location of different, will lead to different color shades, different wood texture. Usually edge material color is shallow, heart material color depth, so the solid wood flooring objective color and uneven pattern of the phenomenon, which is a natural phenomenon. Therefore, in the selection of solid wood flooring, as long as no obvious color can

    be, do not have too much demanding color consistent. Fourth, the use of keel laying method, the addition of blockboard (commonly known as Daxin board) Some consumers in order to over-pursuit of foot feeling, in the keel on the addition of blockboard, in fact, the quality of blockboard is very different, joinery Quality of the impact of solid wood flooring pavement quality, therefore, if you want to add blockboard, you must buy well-known brands of large enterprise products. It is recommended to use the commonly used suspension

    pavement. Fifth, the excessive pursuit of valuable materials on the market sales of solid wood composite flooring there are dozens of species, dazzling, different tree prices, performance, material are different, not the more expensive material performance better, consumers should be based on Your own living room environment, decorative style, personal preferences and economic strength, etc. to buy. Six, only heavy purchase, not heavy laying three layers of solid wood flooring laying methods are many kinds of direct

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