floor build price

  • With consumers to reflect Marine deck ptp deck panels , in the contract agreed to use some kind of material, in the process of construction, has been doctored the quality, they used the ways to reduce the quality to obtain extra profits. In addition, there is also a decoration company union jack vinyl railing , some consumers change frequently in the construction process of construction scheme,

    the change of construction materials, and refused to pay the necessary fees, which forced the decoration company shoddy, after construction of indoor air quality is not up to standard composite decking fixing clips . The expert reminds: consumer should follow the principle of quality, with the decoration company to do the budget,

    must first understand building decoration materials market, accomplish know fairly well, and the pursuit of a reasonable price, so, the engineering quality and air quality was guaranteed basket weave composite fencing . Complaints focus three: decoration company certificate, according to not complete at present, many new district have a decoration company in the scene, a desk, and drum up business.