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  • also in line with the China Forest Products Industry Association of China From the wood floor power to the wood floor of the country's objective needs. Zhang, president of the guests to the guests and the news media introduced a decade ago, Mr. Peng Hongbin, president of China Connaught Group will strengthen the wooden floor of the patented technology from Europe into China. [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/1794.html]wooden feature wall for a pool[/url]Ten years, China has become a wood floor producer. But now, China's homogeneous wood flooring products serious, product differentiation is small, resulting in the means of competition between enterprises is mainly low-cost dumping,free plans for ground level decks and low-cost dumping has seriously affected China's laminate flooring industry's healthy development. Therefore, China Forest Products Industry Association welcomed the German Kenuo Group to take the technical route,

    through the technological progress of the introduction of new products to enhance the function, and through the press release will improve the new products introduced to the vast number of consumers,inexpensive under deck roof ideas which is a blessing for consumers. China Quality Association, said Jiao Genqiang, as China's ordinary consumers and industry representatives, with the developed countries of the world's consumers,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/3290.html]how much can i expect to pay for a cedar fence[/url] the simultaneous consumption of quality products KONO Group, we feel honored and proud. With the progress of science and technology,

    international exchanges and cooperation between enterprises continue to strengthen and complement each other to achieve win-win development is also very important and hope that China's wood industry enterprises to focus on learning towood composite panels manufacturing in japan Kenuo Wood Group as the representative of the foreign companies with the industry Of the advanced technology and quality management concepts and experience, and strive to create consumer favorite, recognized brand, and gradually from excellent to excellent to achieve a historic leap. The KropidlowskiDominik believes that the product not only represents the development of laminate flooring products technology direction, but also to meet the consumer for ;healthy living; [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/4547.html]what is most durable exterior paint[/url]consumer demand. The 21st century,