the wooden floor is to be selected

  • flooring, gives a quiet , Comfortable feeling. If you want to highlight the characteristics of the study, decorated with some parquet flooring, like elegant and long scholarly, you can receive unexpected results. You can go to the store to buy wood flooring, through the introduction of shopping guide, may have been on the brand of the floor have a preliminary understanding - import or domestic, thin or thick can not use To warm and so on. The general store, will focus on everyone to do some of the experiments, this circle of friends must

    also start to go Caesar! Market price of about 200 yuan brand floor and the market price of 100 yuan or so of brand-name wood floor wear contrast: hard and hard steel Brush friction, with some other commonly used hard object friction effect is the same, we can also use coins, steel ruler, small stones, branches, etc. try. Some of the enhanced wood floor texture is relatively clear (commonly known as hand grip pattern is relatively strong), is not wear-resistant layer is thinner na? In fact, not the wood floor texture is basically through

    the late production, not in the original grain In addition, under normal circumstances, if the pro buy a strong texture of the floor than the floor is not strong, the price of the floor is more expensive than the relatively smooth floor, But also cheap, maybe it is necessary to make a question mark yo. From the traces of observation, who is good who write, at a glance. Concern: Strengthen the floor is a high strength of wood fiber repression, the density is high, because the suppression of the enormous pressure to form high strength, So the

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