forestry develops program

  • Bureau of Chinese country forestry develops program and fund management to manage the vice director points out, the voice that protects environment of forest, protection currently is bigger and bigger, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in making changes existing position, railing porch flooring York the ceaseless innovation, brand that raises oneself ceaselessly, ceaseless adjust a structure.

    Besides seek market of new-style lumber, fractionize beyond, those who control upriver resource to become a few companies " amulet " . Lumber is defective all composit deck tiles portland the time all over the world, it is inevitable that so lumber rises in price, but can alleviate through the promotion of lumber utilization rate this kind of pressure.

    The expert inside course of study expresses: Lumber rises in price to low end floor brand affects a likelihood a few bigger, also can make the doorsill of the cost for deck around 24 foot pool industry is able to rise, let the reshuffle of whole floor industry, can promote the benign development of whole industry from certain level.