When the construction industry encountered a change in business

  • "Although China's forest resources are very rich, but the per capita ownership is very small, with fewer and fewer timber resources, the future will have a material to replace it.Not only that, the electronic hardware industry is completely dependent on electronic products, Wood-plastic industry, once entered, from production to sales, companies can take the initiative. "After some careful consideration, Feng Honghua began to put the idea into practice.

    Feng Honghua from Japan, the introduction of wood-plastic material formulations, but he soon discovered that due to differences in material composition between the two, in full accordance with the formula of the material and can not meet the standards. "Strength, anti-skid, etc., which indicators are different, on which areas to improve." In order to achieve this standard, R & D personnel spent more than six months time.


    In early 2011, the company officially began production. Each promotion of 1 ton of wood-plastic material, annual savings of about 1 cubic meter of wood. If the production of 50,000 tons of a project to calculate, the use of these materials can save 50,000 cubic meters of timber, which is not a small number.


    These wood-plastic three channels, the flow of different places: one-third of exports to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other places, and even some have been onto the supermarket shelves; part of the dealers around the , Sales to various projects; the other through a number of municipal garden works, real estate projects, into the daily life of every consumer. Hangzhou zoo, for example, in a project, there are nearly 700 square meters of the floor, the fence with these wood-plastic materials.

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