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  • team, it can not be altered selection of design standards, shoddy materials or Mantianyaojia in construction. In addition, the contract agreed that the cost will not be adjusted in a certain range, to avoid the construction team to raise the cost of design changes. Four, materials, process clear requirements for the decoration of the construction team should be clearly defined when the material specifications, manufacturers, size, quality level, process level, etc.. The same kind of material of different grades and different

    quality grade prices vary greatly, such as high, medium and lowgrade tiles from the price of 40 yuan per square meter to 100 yuan of above have different quality grade of qualified products and excellent product per square meter is 10 20 yuan. There is no clear material specifications, manufacturers, quality grade size, it is easy to be deceived by the construction team. It is also important to define the process level. Such as tile leveling layer of 20mm thick 30mm thick prices and prices will inevitably have a

    difference, wall paint and fan ash several times, the interior door wood door or door splint paste wood plywood, wood brush varnish times. Process requirements will have a direct impact on the price level. In addition, the construction decoration materials is environmentally friendly, is harmful to the human body, the formaldehyde content of the binder is splint to exceed the standard conditions also affect the material price, not because of the cheap using environmental protection material. Five, the decoration area to

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