successive press particieboard

  • Amount of new plant investment anticipates will amount to 280 million dollar. In the meantime, arauco company says to will resting closely a city (Michigan) easy bench plans with back rest build a new particieboard plant, investment will amount to 325 million dollar, will be the product line of successive press particieboard with the biggest North America, the design produces per year a quantity to be 75 thousand M3, began construction 2016, 2018 put into production.

    In addition, north America still has at least two MDF and particieboard project undertaking serious negotiating, anticipate the contract will be in 12 to sign inside 18 months. At present North America has product line of machine of many many lamination, once successive composite factory in malaysia press throws production, those in former days product line of much lamination machine must undertake improvement or will halt use.

    Tradition of North America market is used relatively the plank of massiness, this kind of circumstance will be changed. For example, IKEA will enhance the sale of 2x4 Pvc Boards its North America, anticipation will try to find a furniture manufacturer that uses lighter board to serve as co-worker, or produce lighter board by oneself.