development land should be used for biddin

  • to evaluate the above land and issued the Assets Appraisal Report (2006) No. 84. The assessment date is August 31, 2006, and the method used is the residual method. The assessment results are as follows: Amount Unit: RMB Yuan 1. The main reason for the change of appreciation of land use right is as follows: As the land of the appraisal is obtained by agreement transfer,

    according to "Jiangsu Province State-owned Land Use Right Bidding, , The existing residential development land should be used for bidding, auction or listing, and this assessment is based on the existing land policy as a prerequisite for the assessment of land use rights caused by the value-added; the same time rapid development of urban planning to promote the corresponding rise in land prices and accounting amortization Policies and other factors also contributed to the assessment of land use rights.

    2, the specific period of the land as follows: 3, after the transfer, land use for residential land. The main contents and pricing policy of the related transaction agreement 1, Signing the agreement Both parties: Party A: Daya Technology Group Co., Ltd. Party B: Daya Technology Co., Ltd. 2. Date of signing: December 22, 2006 3.

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