class of high-quality goods

  • A few days ago, dalian harbor " even Ha Ou " moving ceremony of normalization of row of class of high-quality goods of plank of Russia return trip holds Mu Sike city in the palm to hold in Russia. Those who follow a train hooter is long cry, the train that is fully loaded with a plank of plastic panels that look like wood container of 72 40 feet stands from Tuomusike give out, midway of whole class row indissolubles body, 6 days of high speed are nonstop full continent in, arrive at Harbin and Dalian subsequently,easy to clean wpc accessories fence post cap harbor of final classics Dalian is marine to and other places of Shanghai, Qingdao.

    The operation that class of high-quality goods of plank of this return trip lists just is content of international of land of Dalian harbor Europe to shed content of international of limited company, haing Europe to shed Inc. and Ou Liu (Tianjin) limited company of international freight representative. Began in May from this year, this row begins to try move, before cut solstice already accumulative total shipment 14,cost of wood shadow box fence panel locomotive 572 great cupboard, amount to 1144 mark box.

    Of this ceremony hold,continuous corral in Singapore the mark is worn the ceaseless effort that passes tripartite, "Distant full Europe " and " Ha Ou " collaboration obtained level sex positive result, "Even Ha Ou " class of high-quality goods of plank of Russia return trip lists formal normalization to move, weekly shipment.