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  • for warm. Solid wood flooring between the layers can play a role in balancing each other, it is not easy to deformation. Solid wood flooring will be the overall contraction (expansion), this will lead to a gap between the floor. Solid wood flooring for the warm width of not more than 130mm, thickness can not exceed 14mm. 8, between the board and the board left 0.2 ~ 0.4mm gap, not only to solve the sound generated by the use of solid wood flooring installation, more important is to change the traditional wood-based

    conduction heat transfer, Air-based convective heat transfer and dehumidification methods help to save energy and reduce floor deformation. This button-free flooring in the installation process free nails, glue-free, free keel, reducing the installation process of noise pollution, and very simple, just a few minutes to complete the original floor replacement required a few days work. To distinguish the pros and cons of wood floor ten points First, the wood floor information and Atlas. Those rough print, the content of crude, 1, if it is a

    small area of ??soaked in water, it is recommended not to strengthen the floor pry dry, so easy to strengthen the floor caused by hard damage, it may cause can not be used to restore the serious consequences. It is best to quickly remove the floor of the baseboard, exposing the expansion joints, by the expansion of the water vapor will be distributed, according to the size of different seepage, dry up usually takes about three to ten days. 2, the occurrence of wood floor soaked in water, and in the shortest possible time on the wooden floor

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