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  • The shoe is no longer shelter functional diversity is a theme of modern shoe design. To the home in the shoes, shoe not only play the role of shelter role. Now some shoe appearance is designed to face the mirror, dress before going out more convenient; and the shoe with small stool, not only do not take place and convenient family wear shoes; the entrance of course can not be ignored, can be closed in a closed shoe shelf, shoes placed in the positioning groove, close the shoe after can make the entrance more tidy.

    In addition, with several different shapes, tall vases, bowls, adds warmth, sense of fun. The most creative is the shoe with a screen, not only can be used to place all kinds of shoes, you can also use the hall between the cabinet. Considerate of the humanization design of some specialized manufacturing shoe manufacturers not only on the shoe itself is the true meaning of revolution, the humanization design of them even reflected in the shoes hanging on. The shoe in the shoe hanging in addition to fix the shapes of shoes,

    protective shoes so that they do not deformation, and also design the sachet in front of shoes hanging, so you can eliminate the odor of shoes, let out dirty smelly shoe really into your life Home Furnishing. In fact, a wardrobe, sofa, chandelier thing of the same nature is essentially a shoe, they invariably reflects the owner's attitude towards life. The new shoe is the attitude of the fashion statement, it marks the completion of a fashion revolution on Home Furnishing most thoroughly. Let's cheer shoe storm come

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