Competition in the market

  • How to open the new wardrobe brand market? Although in recent years the closet market is not as good as in the past, but this still can not stop the influx of new wardrobe brand. Insiders said the wardrobe decking composite decking reviews industry development "money King" huge, leading to more and more investors stationed in, but because the market competition has become more intense, so the new wardrobe brand to open the market is not easy.

    However, this does not mean that there is no way out. Wardrobe brand composite floors vs solid hardwood floors competition has become increasingly evident and intense With more and more new wardrobe brand presence, wardrobe industry brand competition has become increasingly evident and intense.

    The original wardrobe enterprises are familiar with labor prices for installing barbed wire fence the living environment, the moment has a new interpretation. For the new wardrobe brand, the market environment is highly mature, horizontal marketing and vertical marketing space more subdivision. The scope of competition is more extensive, the content of competition is deeper and the degree of competition is more intense. This can be seen from the competition between Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust the brand clearly, before the wardrobe enterprises commonly used "price war", "advertising war", "promotion war" and other single-dimensional means of competition, is "supply chain competition" , "Customer loyalty competition", "strategic network competition" and other three-dimensional competition means replaced.