Cabinet industry

  • Baotuan breakthrough Internet grasp the future market Today, the Internet is changing all aspects of our lives, some cabinet companies also use electronic channels to open a new marketing model. However, some enterprises geolam cladding of the Internet is not the way to go so smooth, mainly limited to the relationship between online and offline processing and logistics and service improvement above.

    Trend in the Internet situation, the cabinet business "shock" also need to think twice. Use of the Internet to build the brand fans to achieve good online and offline economic interaction Now, some cabinet enterprises is the focus of the development of plastic wood deck board price the focus on the line or line of the problem, but in fact, online development and line development is not contradictory.

    Online consumption simplifies the circulation of traditional consumption, to some extent alleviate the problem of asymmetric information composite tongue groove porch floor between businesses and consumers, and help to tap consumption potential. In other words, the commercialization of the industry from closed to open, so that limited customers into unlimited consumers, consumers can choose online and then go offline experience. "Online" is the line for the mall service, there is no sales target assessment, only to undertake the task of assisting the development of Outdoor Decking Product - Seven Trust online shopping mall, is a "online sales, offline experience" mode.