Some floor laid

  • This means building materials company business scope will be shift - production enterprises to provide building materials products production and sales service interior pvc wall panel covering , responsible for the installation of the goods. That is to say, building materials production enterprises to intervention is adornment company belonging to the scope of business.

    Disputes "leads to a new market in recent years because of more and more disputes caused by indoor decoration complaints exterior decorative wood wall panel , disputes occur after the responsibility to become one of the biggest problems plaguing consumers. Some floor laid the dispute, for example, according to the Chinese wood floor profession association survey material for outdoor porch wood floor ,

    the cause of the wood floor complaining dispute, because laid construction level is 40%; 10% were due to improper site maintenance; 30% was due to choose the inferior materials mulch area outside wooden railroad ties ; 20% are the quality problem due to the wooden floor. That is to say, on the causes of disputes,