general office sends

  • 5) " the country develops innovation appoint general office sends about organizing a newspaper 2015 (the 22nd batch) the announcement of application material of center of state enterprise technology and material of evaluation of center of state enterprise technology " (hair faux cedar siding change run high skill [2015]1504 date) regulation, accord with 2014, in holding domain and key 2015 the first agriculture kind litter resource is changed use, can enjoy entrance science and technology to develop things to avoid ask for import tariff and research development expenses to add plan deduct duty-free favourable policy.

    ) basis " the announcement that about declaring agriculture developed project of industrialization loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling Composite Floor a bill of exchange integratedly 2015 " national farming does [2015]17 date regulation,

    7) general office of government of Henan province people " the announcement that be burned about strengthening straw to ban and uses the job integratedly " double sided decking boards (comfort politics does [2015]77 date) arranged the crop straw that basically is used at straw to be used integratedly to use pilot fund integratedly as a whole.