Chinese annatto furniture

  • Hedgehog rosewood is the variety with the widest dosage of market of Chinese annatto furniture, also be most a red timber that stands common people to approbate tongue and groove cladding for roof is planted. On the CITES conference this year, appendix be includinged 2 control, a be pair of annatto furniture markets the biggest test.

    Plus the whole world that carries on the conference all yellow wingceltis belong to a plant to all include endangered control, will to upper reaches and downstream market it is huge impact, it is to cry on the closest market " go up " sound is ceaseless. Although had not released deck wood supplier in dubai specific executive time, but we also can foreknow, of the market changing already was inevitable, without giving thought to to lumber business or annatto furnisher character, the revolution of the market will reshuffle, seasonable change just is existent basic principle.

    4, of the RMB " enter basket " On October 1, IMF president Lajiade announces the RMB joins basket of currency of SDR of international Monetary Fund formally, RMB weight is 10. 92 �� row the 3rd,balcony wood tile stores RMB internationalization will trade to international lumber bring new development turning point.