will pay more attention to the floor

  • but also to the relevant departments to solve the problem. This is our consumer awareness of the rights. The third point is that I hope that our news media and friends from all walks of life, more care, more support for the protection of consumer rights and the healthy development of industries and enterprises. Flooring industry is now in the past few years in our professional committee under the guidance of the development of a very rapid and very orderly.

    In fact, more industries, more categories exist in varying degrees, need our society to pay attention to, in particular, need our news media to guide from the positive aspects. In particular, our vast number of consumers to buy the best rather than the most expensive. This is conducive to the healthy development of enterprises and industries.

    Finally, I think I sincerely wish our consulting service activities a complete success, but also hope that the majority of consumers in this event can benefit, buy the bed of roses. Once again we hope that our association will pay more attention to the floor than the Ka, I believe in your care and supervision, we will go further than the Ka floor.

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