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  • should be based on Their own living room environment, decorative style, personal preferences and economic strength, etc. to purchase. 6, only re-purchase, do not lay the three-layer parquet laying methods are many, there is a direct paste method, keel laying method, suspended laying method, but the most commonly used suspension laying method. No matter what kind of laying method, we must choose a good construction team. (2) mixed construction, not shop; (3) the use of poor quality materials, not shop; (4) the use of low-

    grade materials, not shop; (3) (5) found that the product has quality problems, not shop; (6) requires absolutely flat no color, no shop. 7, do not attach importance to maintenance, man-made problems mainly in the use of the process of improper use of the consumer, such as water dip floor, heating pipe hot water leak on the floor, long after the floor pavement unused and so on. 8, misunderstanding Parquet for the composite floor, there is no good performance of solid wood flooring. In fact, three-layer parquet reasonable structure, with

    the advantages of solid wood flooring, while stability, stronger anti-geothermal properties. 9, misunderstanding for the high content of formaldehyde wood flooring, not environmentally friendly In fact, the solid wood flooring formaldehyde emission can meet the national standards as long as the ease of use, the human body will not cause harm. 1, if it is a small area soaked, it is recommended not to pry up the pavement to dry, so easy to strengthen the floor caused by hard damage, is likely to cause serious consequences can

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