flooring industry standards

  • Environmental protection products is not environmentally friendly flooring industry standards need to be upgraded Flooring industry in the country for nearly three decades, and now the industry has become increasingly diversified Vinyl Waterproof Deck Skins development trend. Throughout the current floor market, health and environmental protection increasingly become the mainstream of the market, follow the sustainable development strategy.

    consumer demand for environmentally friendly flooring products are also increasingly high, so the floor on the market a variety of environmental protection products layer. Continuously improve the industry wpc kenaf malaysia standard in the flooring market, there are still some companies drilling standard loopholes, making environmentally friendly flooring is not environmentally friendly. E0, E1, E2 and other levels of the national standard.

    in a lot of products and packaging is not clearly marked, some businesses and consumers for the E1, E0 concept of fuzzy does not mean that the floor clear. Due to the large number of flooring products GB, enterprises in the manufacture of products "on the low not high", propaganda "on the high not low" phenomenon quite a lot. Experts said that timber walk ways the low national standards for non-performing enterprises free to drill, wood flooring industry standards need to be upgraded.