Recycling of waste plastics, plant straw production of environm

  • Wood-plastic composite board combines the cost and performance advantages of wood and plastic, and this material is corrosion-resistant, not warping, easy maintenance, appearance and wood is very similar to the advantages of wood powder filling and processing into building and structure Profiles have become one of the most active areas in the plastic extrusion industry. Recycling of waste plastics and plant straws is a re-use of resources, which can effectively reduce the amount of wood and protect the forest.

    Wood-plastic composite material continuous mixing manufacturing technology is the use of coupling technology, wood flour, wood chips and thermoplastic combination, and the use of continuous mixing technology made of high-strength composite materials, the use of wood fiber as reinforcing material, Hardness, mechanical strength, pest control, waterproof, dimensional stability are good.

    Wood-plastic composite materials to replace the wood, not only can reduce the demand for timber, saving forest resources, but also alleviate the increasingly serious problem of white pollution. It is through the comprehensive utilization of waste resources, turning waste into treasure, harm for the benefit, with high economic and social benefits, in line with the scientific concept of development and sustainable development, in line with building a conservation-oriented society and the development of circular economy Requirements, with broad prospects for development.

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