The conference is main content

  • 1. holds committee of major of beaverboard of association of industry of Chinese forest products to change a meeting, sum up job of the 5th standing board, the election composite wood fence malaysia produces the 6th standing board. 2. holds countrywide beaverboard industry to develop delibrate informal discussion,

    industry of beaverboard of delibrate our country grows the current situation, analyse the problem of existence, deliberate develops train of thought, upgrade in the home with wooden floors industry, the respect such as energy-saving environmental protection, safe production conspires to develop a major programme of lasting importance.

    3. looks around east alliance exposition forest is exhibited reach relevant industry, the heat problem that cares to the industry has special subject communication soft side pool decks in Saudi Arabia "The price dash forward go up, price of material of flowers and trees showing far back already soared 65% controlled, do not take money at all. " annatto businessman says, so mad go up situation is too abnormal.