prexy of furniture

  • According to conference program, association is collected to was being achieved in exit 2015, excellent government person with ability, science and technology is achieved inside the business that innovation of sale, science and technology, real wood processes mechanical production, wood plastic composite pergola Vasterbottens lan board type to machine mechanical production, wood to machine window of door of mechanical production, wood to machine the respect such as mechanical production to have outstanding show and industry.

    Commend after the end, president of limited company of machinery of heart of Nuo of Shenyang case radium Ms. Liu Fengmin represents unit of bear the palm and individual to express feeling character, she evaluated expert group to convey acknowledgment to the conference,examples of plastic wood composite decks state honor belongs to the past, not will negative people's expectations continues hard to achieve beautiful performance again.

    Current lumber machines mechanical industry to develop height forum afternoon two when begin, forum invited vice-chairman of association of industry of Chinese forest products prexy of furniture of university of forestry of center of woodworker project technology forestry of university of cheap tongue and groove pine decking Ms. Qian Xiaoyu, northeast forestry and Professor Ma Yan, Nanjing and industrial design is Professor Wu Zhihui, blue flag (Nanjing) tool limited company, the report of expert and scholar is involved " the only way that green is made is man-made board development " ,