Wood - plastic composite materials modification technology upgr

  • More environmentally friendly - green regeneration: wood-plastic products to the green of inorganic materials and polymer as raw material, through the company's own research and development of modified technology from production. The entire production process does not produce waste water, waste gas, waste. Products green, non-formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful substances, can be 100% recycled. Compared with the traditional building materials with lower production energy consumption, reduce resource consumption, reduce construction waste and other advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.

    More time - Easy installation: Wood plastic integrated housing the main material such as walls, floors, beams, roof truss and other components can be standardized production, and then on-site assembly. The design of the wall material adopts the modular system and the plug and socket design. It is convenient to install. It can reduce the rework of the construction site, improve the construction efficiency and reduce the manpower and material consumption. The whole construction process without large-scale construction machinery, all-dry operation, less limited by the natural conditions, in line with the concept of green construction.

    More practical - excellent performance: the product has the advantages of light and high strength, waterproof and moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, not easy to distort, fire-retardant and fireproof etc. It has passed the national certification of professional organizations to test its physical properties to the standards of building materials.

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