quality of personnel

  • spot does not manage equipment to reach the designated position, from quality of personnel of course of study not tall, cause manufacturing safety accident extremely easily.To this kind of circumstance, a few days ago, golden lake county installs inspect bureau organization to machine Composite Ranch Fence In a proprietor of an enterprise to want chief, safe administrator to undertake centralized safety to groom to lumber of more than 60 Jinhu inside the county.

    Groom this with fire control safety, enterprise platoon of hidden trouble of spot of daily and safe management, exercise checks processing, lash-up to come to how to build a two level deck on a slope help deal with wait for content to attach most importance to a dot, invite safe expert gives lessons related city, county, join a class demonstrate and accident case, receive groom goodly the effect.

    On October 17, examine according to Xiamen quarantine bureau statistic, port of Xiamen of before 2016 3 quarters exports careless product of wooden bamboo cane boat deck replacement materials in all twenty-two thousand two hundred batch, 552 million dollar, compare respectively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 3.8% with 1.3% .