Solid wood floor

  • Solid wood floor GB behind the unspoken rules From the product to the pavement, solid wood flooring industry, the country, a variety of standards pile up a pile of thick. Before buying the floor, you do not need to hollow pvc boards in Norway look at these standards again, but the following aspects you must be clear: the appearance of the quality of the appearance of the board surface quality is an important basis for the classification of the floor one.

    When buying the Kanban surface whether there is cracking, decay, dead knots, insect eyes, blue change, lack of ribs and other material defects, and usually color, living section, texture prefabricated exterior stairs and so not too demanding, this is the natural properties of wood.

    In addition, the color plate to meet some people's preferences, but also to prevent some manufacturers fill the shade after shoddy. Size and deviation GB for the floor width and thickness requirements can not be deviation, the actual operation allows a thickness of 0.4 mm, 0.3 mm width, a thousandth of the length of the deviation. But the solid wood flooringcost to replace deck floor with composite industry has 17 mm board in the sale, mostly for a time processing deviation, and then processing thin planing board. But if the national standard is 18 mm, in fact, a lot worse, then this is a fraud, so get the floor after a few blocks may wish to see the amount of view.