give up a product

  • not only the profit space is shrinking, and the business clinch a deal the difficulty increase obviously outdoor flooring and decking , buyers choose a particular product may need a lot of factors, such as quality, brand, environment, service, design and color, etc. But to give up a product may not need any specific reason how much does fences cost wood lineal foot , sometimes only a doubt,

    even the unhappy mood may make the deal fell through. And, of course, is not only the floor products, in China, almost all the industrial products are faced with the same dilemma ideas of second floor balcony fences . "Not only the enterprise, no industry is not", when we look at the past 2004 years of Chinese floor industry changes,

    we found that the strong and weak brands of rapid increase of polarization and market concentration is more obvious and prominent, especially in December last year October floor traditional sales season new inexpensive imported decking panel material , the weak brand "collective cold". In fact, the market integration on every day, thousands of floor production enterprises in China,