a sound quality assurance system

  • The global recall of the total number of batteries is expected to reach 9.6 million. Affected by this, Sony's operating profit fell sharply. Brand crisis in 2006 is far more than that. With the development of market economy, as well as the growing maturity of consumers, brand crisis may also be frequent. As an enterprise,

    not only to establish a sound quality assurance system, should also establish a contingency plan for the emergence of crisis events in a timely manner. It should be noted that the crisis has become a brand of public relations compulsory courses, handled properly, the brand suffered a small loss, on the contrary, the brand may be brought to its knees.

    BaiGao flooring distributor in 2007 annual meeting in early July in guangzhou was held, the company leadership, from all over the country pakao dealers, the company marketing system all the staff of a total of more than 100 people attended the event, the Chinese forest products industry association of experts Mr. Wang Jun, the former president of China Forest Products Industry Association,

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