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  • instantaneous power off function, with waterproof, splash resistant features, overheating protection device products. Secondly, the shell thickness of the steel plate to be uniform, between sheets connected to compaction; then, as a type of electrical heating, heat conducting oil quality, internal connection and fine material for its performance is also must pay attention to the current market, the best line is air guide line. 3, due to the purchase of raw materials and processing technology, the market appearance of similar

    products in the high and low price, consumers can not blindly take into account in the purchase price, but should consider the quality, performance and service life etc.. 4, high quality and low price, maintenance is guaranteed, the warranty period of time is the first choice for consumers, but also can not blindly believe that manufacturers introduced too favorable after-sales service commitments. 1, note the use of electric heating electric heating power supply socket should be used with a ground wire, never to change

    with the two hole outlet wire. In the electric heater socket not just above, it is best to use a chaxianban over flow protection device. When no one in the room, the electric heating power supply should be pulled out to ensure safety. 2, installation and placement of electric heating should be placed in the place where it is not easy to stand upright, away from combustible material, the back of the wall should be about 20 cm. Special care should be taken if the heating is placed in the bathroom. 3, the electric heating should

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