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  • bonding, antifreeze and heat resistance is not good, so hot and cold water pipes are rarely used, PVC pipe for wire and sewage pipes. 2, PPR pipe: the more perfect pipe, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, hot melt seamless connection, can be used for hot and cold water pipes, can also be buried, but difficult to install, easy to leak. 3, PE-RT tube: this kind of water pipe heat resistance is very good, can be used in the ISO10508 of all the hot water pipe use level, often used as hot water pipes. 4, PPH pipe: this pipe is

    often used to make sewage pipes, waste water pipes, rainwater pipes, but the installation method as far as possible the use of welding. 5, PEX: the tube tube has good pressure resistance performance, wide temperature range, acid and alkali resistance, can be used to transport the chemical substances, no fouling, convenient installation, long service life, the biggest drawback is not welding, so it is not suitable for application in the warm pass.Sakura, in our kitchen appliances industry is a well-known brand, it enjoys a

    good reputation and evaluation in the market to the design style, with advanced production concepts, and the house below small make up about cherry cabinets. Sakura Sakura company is the first company will soon Home Furnishing kitchen design style and concept of life China introduction, specializing in the production and sale of household kitchen products enterprises. Company to fast life proposal for the business philosophy and uphold the strict selection of excellent materials, abandon the complicated

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