famous floor

  • it is easy to find those responsible plastic deck fencing buy in uk . And fine decoration was different, responsible very confusion if there is anything wrong, developers, property and decorate a company to each department will pass the buck to each other. Recently boat decks material synthetic price , the Beijing famous floor enterprise continental curnow told reporters in general manager zhao yun,

    wear-resisting layer weaken 10%, costs can drop 20%; Formaldehyde content dropped 10 mg, the cost will rise by 10%. In the pursuit of wealth white pvc fencing panels in ireland stockists , a lot of aggrandizement wood floor manufacturer to relax the requirements for product quality, began to produce harmful to the interests of consumers "5 bad board".

    In zhao yun told reporters that high formaldehyde to release; Low flexural strength; High water absorption expansion rate; Don't wear resistance caravan balcony flooring install ; Aggrandizement wood floor with poor resistance to water vapor function, commonly known as the "five bad board" in our industry.