most raw material

  • 1949 year, anselmi bought to be located in Finnish Isojoki area by capacious forest around land, installed the first saw frame with his son and son-in-law. It may be said of this optional location is choice of a far-sighted. The name of this area " Isojoki " literal means crosses 5x5 composite post sleeve cap this area to flow to Baltic river. Accordingly, this land is earthy and fecund, suit tree to grow very. And 60 pass more, the two sides of this river still is growing high quality tree, produce top quality curium Mu Yuan expects.

    " nowadays, we still are in same the place is managed. Even if now, most raw material comes from at sawmill the forest inside 60 kilometers radius, pool deck trimming around coves for above ground pools " Esa Hakam?ki says, " although our commerce negotiates now,be cycle basically with a quarter, but the operation of industry of timber of our Finland great river is generation the inheritance of another generation.

    Such you are OK thinking, to us, ' quarter ' represented generation person, represented 25 years, is 3 months not just. is 3 months not just. The lake by October watersides south the city, drizzle fallings thick and fast, climate is delightful. The industrial and commercial peak of wooden pavillion plans 2016 worlds floor that sponsors by association of industry of Chinese forest products can be held here. Meeting collect is in hundreds person of concerned personage of the entrepreneur that comes from countrywide each district and abroad this, make this small town lively rise.