parquet and bamboo flooring

  • the recent mass production on the market. In addition, easy install wood plastic composite floorthe recent listing of ;good wood jade embroidery; (engraving molding process), ;good wood sunshine; (one coated high-light process) for the flooring industry's new product model choice, after the listing by the consumer , Decorative designers and industry praise. It is reported that in the April 28 start of the ;51; new products and promotional activities, [url=]exterior floor materials[/url]in addition to ;jade wood carving; new products (1212 * 164 * 12 mm, 800 * 400 * 12 mm, 1200 * 300 * 12 mm) series of bargain listed price of 158 yuan / �O, four solid wood flooring 208 yuan / �O from the special offers,

    parquet and bamboo flooring 8 fold discount, 30% off eco-flooring paint, other laminate flooring 5.9 (Including 12 mm imitation solid wood flooring all-inclusive minimum 79 yuan / �O, 8 mm ordinary floor all-inclusive minimum 65 yuan / �O).[url=]waterproof flooring for outdoors[/url] Activities, there are beautiful gifts. This is the largest floor this year, a comprehensive discount promotions. Details of the Advisory Shengda stores in Chengdu.According to the November 14 National Science and Technology Web site announcement,wood decking market reports China's flooring industry's only national Torch Program ;impregnated paper laminated wood composite flooring industry; (ie: ultra-wear multi-layer solid wood flooring,

    surface wear 4000 ~ 6000 , The surface of synthetic glass panels, the substrate for the fast-growing forest ten eucalyptus, poplar, etc.) has been adopted by the project,[url=]pine planking for ceiling applications[/url] a national Torch Program. According to the verification, this is the 2008-2009 annual flooring industry only a national torch plan. Torch Plan is the guiding plan for the development of China's high-tech industry, in August 1988 approved by the State Council, organized and implemented by the Ministry of Science. basement flooring wood plastic in dominicaThe purpose of the Torch Plan is to implement the strategy of ;rejuvenating the country through science and education;,