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  • , on-demand purchase in general, the sitting room to choose the droplight with bright grave, or absorb dome light is advisable.If the room is taller, appropriate USES incandescent pendent lamp or a larger round droplight, which can make the sitting room appears fully, but not with all down the droplight of light distribution, and should make the upper space also has a certain brightness, with narrow fluctuation space brightness difference.If the room is low, can be used to absorb dome light and floor lamp,

    so that the sitting room appears lively and easy, has the time feeling.The modelling of lamps and lanterns and colour to coordinated with the furniture of the sitting room.Study illume should be bright and soft as the principle, choose the desk lamp of incandescent bulbs are more appropriate.Desk lamp should adapt to the nature of work and need to learn, appropriate chooses with reflector, the lower opening point-blank lamp, also is job writing desk lamp or desk lamp of desk lamp, lamp light source, commonly used incandescent lamp,

    fluorescent lamp.Bookcase can be installed within a single small shoot the light, this kind of lighting is not only helps to identify the title, still can keep the temperature, prevent books damp rot.With several more in the bedroom lamp, absorb dome light, desk lamp, floor lamp, bedside lamp, etc., should be able to adjust, mixed use, in order to create a warm atmosphere.Can be replaced with wall lamp, floor lamp, indoor central dome light.Wall lamp appropriate USES low surface brightness of diffuse materials chimney,

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