New science and technology of polymer wood flooring is an excel

  • In recent years, the global depletion of forest resources, increasing awareness of environmental protection, the application of wood also put forward higher requirements. In order to save resources, improve the utilization of wood and plastics, to overcome the plastics and wood industry is facing problems and improve the use of rural waste and solid waste, a natural wood and waste thermoplastic synthesized by the new material - wood Plastic composite materials with its excellent performance is more and more widely used.

    Wood-plastic composite material is the use of wood flour, bamboo powder, husk powder or crop straw powder and plastic resin or waste plastic as the main raw material, high temperature mixing, molding processing and a new environmentally friendly composite materials. Wood-plastic composites can be anti-moth-eaten, corrosion-resistant, without preservative treatment and thus reduce environmental pollution, and can be processed into a variety of hollow sections, wood-plastic composite materials are widely used in many areas, is the most potential of a new material . Wood-plastic composite materials development and application, with good social and economic benefits.

    Wood-plastic composites based on high-density polyethylene and wood fiber, determines its own plastic and wood with certain characteristics. Main features: 1) good processing properties: wood-plastic composite containing plastic and fiber, therefore, with the same wood processing performance can be sawed, nails, planing, the use of woodworking equipment to complete, and nail Force significantly better than other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties better than wood materials. Nail holding force is generally 3 times the wood is 5 times the particleboard. 2) good strength properties: wood-plastic composite material containing plastic, which has good elastic modulus. In addition, due to containing fiber and fully mixed with plastic, and thus has the equivalent of hardwood compression, bending and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials. Surface hardness is high, generally 2 to 5 times the wood.3) with water, corrosion resistance, long life: wood-plastic materials and wood products compared with the strong anti-acid, water, corrosion resistance, and not breeding bacteria, not easy to be insects, not fungi. Long service life, up to 50 years. 4) with UV light stability, good coloring. 5) The biggest advantage is turning waste into treasure, and 100% recovery and reproduction. Can be decomposed, will not cause "white pollution", is the real green products.

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