normal shop fee process

  • Because buy brick is cheap, but this kind of brick is no one to separate delivery, plus freight and upstairs after a calculate, you have to ~ with quality goods a price!So suggest when buy the real thing and sellers request, want to buy some cheap brick, let them help.You trust, who are dealing with brick, this is the real engineering tail goods, a few square meters square meter, it can achieve the area that you need to add together,

    a happy may also give you, according to normal brick as also is responsible for transport.Maybe sometimes they really do not have this kind of deal with cheap goods to you, but they can help you to another to buy ah, you know, they buy is definitely internal price!But also know who have this kind of deal with brick, also help you to transport.3, buy also want to consider the additional cost some owners capital is nervous,

    the result of light attention to the price of the brick, forget the additional cost.Want to know what specification is too big brick not only price is high, the loss is high!Oh, brick paving construction masons quote our price can be generally there is a range of oh, more than this range is to add money, but also a lot of added!The reason is simple: not good.Such as floor tile is too large, such as 800 * 800 brick, skinny masons a person not spread, even one meter eight big fellow paved, typically, two people can not add money?Such as small brick, such as Mosaic,

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