the garden of industry

  • This garden area is dedicated to making become east alliance, bead the garden of industry of forestry loop economy with trigonometry and the largest area of extensive north bay. Industrial garden passes the operation of a year of time, already attracted 35 enterprises to enter building seating into decking garden, the garden of industry of forestry loop economy that 5 years garden of time general industry makes our force contention exceed 20 billion yuan of RMB for production value.

    Conference You Zhongtai (esteem left) industrial garden is in charge of appoint director of bureau of meeting environmental protection Ms. Li Hong is chaired. red balau decking reviews Secretary-general of association of trade of timber of county of fine be apt to Mr Zhang Zhihuan was sure Guangxi is esteemed left it is medium the important node city on new economy corridor, have foundation, organic encounter,

    have energy, industrial garden area joins already airport of Nanning Wu Wei, face again east allied country home, the friend austral join freeway, close railroad, have water route, face an airport, communication is easy, the condition that industrial base, industry grows has been wholesale wood deck tiles had, the project also has been fulfilled with the ground, will be the optimal opportunity that enterprise of fine be apt to enters the area that be stationed in garden next.