medium the situation

  • According to statistic, month of the nine before 2016, our country is medium accumulative total of fine board import finishs one hundred and ninety-eight thousand six hundred stere, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 14.69% . By statistic the number can be seen, cost to build a roof over deck our country is medium quantity of fine board import still is increasing considerably, and home is medium the situation that fine board is facing serious supply exceeds demand however.

    Does this kind of awkwardness can't help making us thoughtful in where is the prospective outlet of fine board after all? How cogent improve product technology, Upvc Cladding Panels fall into disuse backward produce can reach a product, it is medium the pressing issue that fine board needs to think deep.

    Show level, guangxi market 1220 �� of 2440 �� 9mm is medium 35-38 of quote of fine board businessman yuan / piece; Linyi market 1220 �� of 2440 �� 9mm is medium 35-36 of fine board quote yuan / piece. Nowadays, demonstrative division of wood quality safety is exported in level of wpc decking tiles dubai Linyi city state, already formed perfect " local government is in charge of total, responsibility of industry negative main body, examine quarantine branch is superintended,