wood floor

  • the rainbow, qixin road cheap composite decks dampproof install , minhang district is located in the nine star of comprehensive trade intercourse board market field investigation, and found that the individual operators to exist in the sale of part of the irregularities is "knowingly" building an outdoor wood wall panel , but in the interests of the operators, they are desperate.

    Generally do not touch the high tension line nine star and large market size, operation of the floor alone has more than 90 stores, lacquer board, tree board, composite panels cheap decking timber gold coast , more than hundreds of varieties and the basic rules on the floor in the tree is planted name logo,

    can according to the Chinese market issued by the China timber distribution association floor board common entrance material wood floor 128 kinds of standardized names cost for wooden screened deck . Production enterprise on the outer packing also can clearly. Experts believe that is beneficial to consumer choice, will not be dazzling name and got dizzy.