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  • according to the demand bookcase bookcase can also is full of classic lasting appeal in bookcase with ornament hardback classics, can make the bedroom is full of a kind of elegant charm, its adornment effect not ordinary decorations can match.Because the books in the bookcase use frequency is not high, so it's best to choose bookcase, with transparent glass doors or wooden doors to better protect books, in order to avoid over time make books that affect adornment effect.2. Love offers tailored bookcase,

    best to tailor the bookcase.If you are a love collection books and living area is limited, so, for your bookcase is sky LiDeShi bookcase.Tall bookcases have difficulty, I am afraid, the upper books take put a light, and even can move along the chute on the bookcase of a ladder is needed;Judicious design also is pretty good, such as the vestibule hallway on one or both sides all designed to shelf, receiving the effect is very significant, can also make a person feel the fragrance entering a door elegant room unique

    lasting appeal.3. Office people suitable for open type combination bookcase at home, open the plate combination of bookcase is suitable for you.For work at home, the practicability of the bookcase is very important.Requirements are easy to find all kinds of professional books, when need to mistresses.Concise modern panel furniture, can adjust the height of each layer, is very convenient and practical.Other connected save a space for the integration of bookcase and computer desk, take put books is also very

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