as the national indoor environmental

  • June 7, is the fifth anniversary of the Prime Minister on indoor environmental issues. June 7, 2001, in the China news agency reporter Liu Changzhong's "serious pollution of interior decoration, regulate the market without delay," a text, when the State Council Vice Premier *** comrades personally instructed: This relates to the health of residents, should pay attention ,

    For China's indoor environmental protection career development pointed out the direction. Decided in June each year as the national indoor environmental protection publicity month, in the country to carry out indoor environmental standards of publicity and indoor environmental pollution prevention publicity. Second, Song Guangsheng Director of the China Consumer Foundation, the highest award,

    the first individual named "Song Guangsheng indoor environment rights hotline" opened. In order to reward Song Guangsheng over the past few years to create and develop China's indoor environmental protection cause and in the protection of consumer rights and the contribution of 315 on the eve of the China Consumer Protection Foundation held the fourteenth (2005) "Consumer Protection Cup" At the awarding ceremony,

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