Wood plastic floor benefits

  • 1, the wood is composed of numerous cells,1x8 knotty pine shiplap pics cells from the cell wall, cell lumen and other components. So processed into a solid wood flooring, it has any other material can not match the foot feeling and flexibility. To this end, sports venues, dance floor, practice rooms, are using solid wood flooring as the floor decoration materials. Any building materials are not up to this effect. �� solid wood flooring with insulation, electricity, heat conduction is minimal. Therefore, it can be used for high insulation requirements of the computer room and other sites, substations. �� solid wood flooring easy to cement, with plastic or nails, screws and tenon are easily firmly linked to each other,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/6487.html]small garden balcony singapore beautiful[/url] so the solid wood flooring pavement can be used directly paste method can also be used to lay the keel method.

    2, solid wood flooring Disadvantages: �� wood as a result of wood with moisture absorption, with the weather changes and the level of atmospheric moisture absorption or release of water, so solid wood flooring slab through high temperature, wet, dry, there will be a small amount of wet Swelling shrinkage phenomenon appears.uses of coconut shell veneer �� wood has variability, the same nature of a wood, may be due to different origin and site conditions, the color of their materials are very different. Therefore,[url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/8232.html]rubber stair treads for spiral staircase[/url] the real wood flooring in the color difference is a natural phenomenon, should not be too picky.

    3, solid wood floor classification Solid wood flooring classification methods, according to the structure, wood species, finishing, the number of tongue and groove methods such as classification. [url=http://wpcfloorsuppliers.com/suppliers/5383.html]tongue and groove plastic lumber materials 4x4[/url]1, according to the processing of different types of classification 2, according to different classification of wood species 3, by coating classification (plate, lacquer plate) is divided into UV lacquer and PU lacquer, UV lacquer is UV curing, UV Paint processing of high floor finish, wear-resistant, non-polluting. Lacquer panels according to the brightness of the paint can be divided into matt paint and lacquer,balcony awning singapore matt paint decorative floor board surface brightness, soft, not dazzling.