benefit limited company

  • line issues manufacturing unifinication on the line; Garden division business relies on Chinese plank to trade net and neat home network are platform of market share of composite decking the sale on the line, big market of glorious of intelligent household house, one horse is house of test of wire private parts, the line on integrated line leaves resource, form " Internet + green is lived in " development pattern.

    After the high density in afterwards spends beaverboard, OSB board to become go into operation in Dong Baojian, in April 2016, by Hubei triumphant benefit limited company is in board course of study east the standing grain of build of treasure area investment is sweet board try economical ideas floor deck composite produce a success, "Of plank " add new bunch again. After project put into production, predict 600 million yuan to achieve year of sales revenue, year taxation of turn over to the higher authorities amounts to 32 million yuan, can offer obtain employment post 500.

    This project plans to invest 300 million yuan, build 4 product line, it is a straw board product line, Bao Mu that produces per year 30 thousand square metre sticks 2 environmental protection that produce per year 150 thousand stere respectively the product line of board type furniture outdoor fencing at backyard that face plate product line produces per year 200 thousand with 1. Project in January 2015 start working, already completed equipment installation at present, enter trial production.