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  • section, wait for dry after appearing, go up afresh again lacquer.11, paint do indoor and ventilated bad or temperature is too low, the paint is dry slowly.Can open all door window to promote this is ventilated, or put a heater to raise room temperature.If failed to solve the problem, may be on the surface of lacquer is fat.The usable chemistry divides lacquer agent or heat eliminate paint, complete wipe off the surface, then, go up afresh again lacquer.12, paint stick on bug while isolating bug when paint did not work go

    as far as possible, and then use the brush with a little oil light mending surface.If the paint has begun to dry, then to wait for paint film to harden completely, then rubbed out bugs, so do not make the surface.The above content is house small make up recommend paint for you to decorate the common problems and solutions, I hope it can help you, if you want to learn more paint knowledge, please continue to focus on house decoration.Joinery board common weighs big core board, is made up of two pieces of veneer

    board rubber press joining together of board in the middle.Joinery board with screw force is good, high strength, has the characteristics of strong, sound absorption, insulation, easy processing, wide range of USES, is a common decoration decoration materials.Play house below small make up to share with you the choose and buy of joinery board the point.1, to select machine makeup Joinery board in production can be divided into two categories, hand makeup and makeup.Hand is makeup with artificial

    outdoor non slip decals for deck
    floor deck board grid
    front steps material options