inferior floor

  • "5 bad board" as the rats of the continent kono cover decks floor , general manager, said zhao yun and inferior floor market this year in and out of the "new 5 bad board". Such as a lift plate using industry comparison of irregular operations, with his own name behind the brand. And "exile board" is to pay an import certification wooden deck texture materials for any season ,

    for consumers to think is of high quality floor, and actually buy the "5 bad board". �� �� in zhao yun told reporters that in the process of production, the floor wear-resisting layer weaken 10% wear resistance wood patio floor outside , cost will drop by 20%, and cut down the content of formaldehyde 10 mg, the cost will rise by 10%.

    Currently on the market of fake and inferior floor, on the surface pattern, bright and clean degree, the outer packing is ok, but some floor with sand paper burnish a dozen times can again and again in a grinding out of white flowers rooftop deck wood alternative flooring , consumers with no problems for several months. The service life of normal aggrandizement wood floor is in more than 10 years,