fund for the bank

  • The remittance evidence that according to the country industry of sharp edge timber provides shows, on June 29, 2011, fan Huajun collects fund for the bank anti storm cellars and decks card of 8615 to end date 4 million yuan, open an account renown: Wang Li.

    However, although paid 8 million yuan money according to the agreement, dan Liuyu faithful not according to carry out reconcile the agreement agrees refer to the court remove the application of building guaranty formalities, the court also did not undertake solving sealing to composite wood manufacturing company pricing experience case building. "Stem from this consideration, the rest 8.5 million yuan, industry of timber of national sharp edge decides to stop pay. " Gong Weiwei expresses.

    The official seal of odd and sign,In Liu Yuzhong in the executive process of one case, peony river quadrangle will peaceful again company of couplet of collaboration of credence of country of fragrance river city (the following abbreviation farming couplet company) after with chain link fence material calculator Leeds the country one case ruling gives dispute of loan of industry of sharp edge timber to install town court of justice to carry out rather, the peaceful court that bring city had two cases incorporating executive, the state the house property of under one's name of trade of sharp edge timber, land had closing down, auction.